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We are a full service garage construction company, handling every phase of your building project--We can custom build to suit your individual needs!

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All of us here at The Great Garage Company Inc. have been building custom garages since 1959 with just one goal in mind-- to build your quality garage as though it were going to be constructed in our own back yard. From START to FINISH, we are a FULL SERVICE garage construction company. Expect the best experienced personnel throughout the entire build project.
Construction Phases include...
Free on-site estimates, along with design and yard layouts 
You say all you want is a simple, very basic building; nothing fancy, or perhaps you have more specific needs requiring custom design. Either way or anything in between, our experienced estimators can guide you through choices to best fit your purpose, budget, and personal taste. You're left with an exact cost, not a "guesstimate."

Securing all drawings and permits.
You never have to worry about having to maneuver through city hall red tape. We procure all necessary plans, drawings and permits required by your local building department.

Complete demolition and haul away
Need that old garage torn down and removed? Not a problem! We can neatly demolish the existing garage, remove all debris, and have that all completed in a matter of a few hours.

All concrete, foundation, masonry, and sewer installation 
With some of the best cement finishers in the business, we can professionally tear out and remove any existing concrete slab or drive and have it all replaced with new  concrete. Any sewer or masonry installation can also be attended to.

Custom build to customers specs, no kit construction
Our highly skilled carpentry crews will swiftly build your garage according to your specs--no kits are used. All this can usually be completed in one day!

Electrical installation
Power it up! We will install underground feed, add lights and outlets wherever you want them. Enjoy the push button convenience of a power garage door operator and automated lighting. Feeling industrious? We'll bring in 30, 50 amp or more to operate demanding equipment.

No heavy dumpster is dragging on your property. Minimal debris is confined to the immediate work area and promptly removed upon completion of the project.

Easy Payment Plans
Yes, we have financing available! If you prefer not to use your cash, we have several local lenders that can help you establish a program to suit your needs.
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